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The Michelada or Chelada is a beer cocktail which is popular in Mexico, Central and South America.  It’s considered a popular hangover drink, or just a refreshing way to have a cold beer on a hot day.  There are many ways to make it, but our version is how we make it in Guatemala, where my husband is from.  A Michelada has some form of tomato juice while a Chelada does not.  Next time you feel like a beer, give it some “sabor” and make yourself a Michelada!

·       12 oz beer (Lift Bridge Farm Girl, Corona, Dos Equis, Gallo,etc)
·       Juice of 1 lime or 2 key limes
·       1 dash (up to 1 tsp to taste) Worcestershire sauce
·       ½ to 1 tsp Pinch 'n Rub Bloody Mary Mix
·       1 dash of Pinch 'n Rub Medium Ground Black Pepper
·       1 dash of Pinch 'n Rub Italian Trapani Sea Salt
·       Sea Salt to rim your glass (try our Chile Verde Salt!)

Mix the lime juice, Worcestershire, Bloody Mary Mix, salt and pepper in your glass.  Add ice and stir well.  Carefully poor in your beer and enjoy!  Best served very cold in a frosted tall glass.

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